The Route

My route will take me down the Atlantic across the equator to Cape Agulhas, at the bottom of South Africa,
Then sail across the Indian Ocean to Cape Leeuwin the southwestern point of Australia,
Across to the South East Cape, situated on the southernmost point of the main island of Tasmania,
On to the South Cape, on the south coast of Stewart island New Zealand,
Then I sail across the South Pacific to the famous Cape Horn, once I have rounded Cape Horn, I will be sailing north, back up the Atlantic, heading for Ireland again.

About Me

I grew up sailing with my Dad, Mum, brothers and sister. I started sailing in an Optimist dinghy when I was 4 years old. I am now 52 and I have never stopped, sailing is one thing throughout my life that I have always loved.


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Below is a link to my go fund me where I am raising funds to start off the preparations for my journey, your donations are a massive help to get me off the ground.

I am also looking for Lead sponsors who will then be featured on my Yacht as I sail around the world? 
If you would like to be a sponsor click here to contact the team.

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