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October 30th

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Good afternoon from Waxwing Big seas and light winds. Yesterday I sailed on the east side of the islands of Madeira, I didn’t realise the wind shadow would extend so far beyond the islands almost 60 nm, ( valuable lesson ) so I still had the big Atlantic swell and very little wind last night .I just downloaded today’s weather forecast and it looks like I’m nearly out of it and back into the true wind . I can speed up again and the motion will be more comfortable also . I was looking at my chart this morning and noticed the depth, 4000m deep underneath Waxwing now . That’s incredible to think of a whole other world down there , some species unknown to us possibly and they unaware of the madness of the human race above them ! I’m back up to 5 kn again I’m always happier to sail at 5 kn or faster . I’m looking foreword to seeing Portimao in Portugal, I only saw it from the anchorage the last time . I was just getting to speak a little Spanish in Tenerife ,I did find it a easy language , I’m not so sure about Portuguese? Sounds difficult? Happy Saturday to all Waxwing out 😊⛵️

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