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September 6th - "New dawn, new day"

Morning from Waxwing,

I pushed hard yesterday to get south while I had wind. I knew there would be little wind today.

Making about 3 kn now in very light winds.

If you're watching my live tracker on my website you will see I went east to avoid the area of no wind north of Madeira and I think it paid off, we have about 6 kn of wind that is forecast to go north later, so I’ll probably get the spinnaker up to push us the last 70 nm to Madeira.

When I say "us" I mean myself and Waxwing (no stow away) 😂

This time tomorrow I should have dropped anchor, it will be lovely to have phone signal and talk to family and friends, so looking forward to a FaceTime call with my daughters and my son PJ 😊

What a start to my solo circumnavigation, we have sailed approximately 1250 nm since leaving Ireland on the 27th of august and everything went very well.

Wishing everyone a fantastic day today.

Waxwing out 🌎

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