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September 5th - "Busy morning"

Good day from Waxwing,

Busy morning onboard, dropped the cover of one of my water tanks into the bilge and had to take up half the floor to get it back, silly mistake but got it.

All sails up and flying along at 8kn towards Porto Santo island, just northwest of Madeira.

183 nm to go. Pushing Waxwing today to make speed as the wind eases off tomorrow?

Another beautiful night last night, moon getting bigger and brighter every night and could easily pick out Orion, Cassiopeia, and all the others.

Then I looked back and there was a long luminous wake behind Waxwing sparkling, phosphorescence (hopefully right spelling) the spray off the bow wave was throwing it out across the water too.

I sat looking at it for ages, it was so beautiful. Tried to record it for my YouTube videos, but it didn’t come out, too dark?

27 degrees today in the cabin today and all is good onboard.

Shipping busy again as I cross the east, west traffic to and from Gibraltar.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.

Waxwing out 🌎

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