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September 4th - "Distance"

Morning from Waxwing,

Just worked out my distance sailed yesterday… 142 nm in 24 hours.

Winds stayed fresh all night average 20 kn WSW (F5), beam on to the swell means wedging myself into bed with every pillow and blanket onboard to stop rolling around in bed.

I noticed that the temperature only drops 1 degree at night, so it was 25 in the cabin last night and I had to have the hatches closed due to water spraying across the deck.

Despite that, I slept well.

When I wake, I think … What will I cook today, I decided on omelette as I still have fresh eggs

Talking myself out of bed with coffee and food

Beautiful morning here, approx 330 nm to go to Madeira. Can't wait for a big dinner there !

Wishing everyone a great Sunday.

Waxwing out 😊

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