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September 4th Day 14

Good morning from Waxwing. Wind is finally blowing and we are pushing on SW at 5 kn thank God. A few long and frustrating days trying to get Waxwing to move and in 32 degrees not easy. I Will stay on this tack for the day if wind permits and tack south or SE tonight! All good on board though but the little bird flew away (was going to name him Wilson) he is probably going to Portugal I presume as it's closest. Big hello to my son Pj 😊normally on a Saturday we hang out or go the the cinema. Thinking of you today ❤️ So lovely to feel Waxwing in her grove again and air flowing through the cabin once again. Have a lovely weekend all. Waxwing out #sailing #circumnavigation #sailingwaxwing

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