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September 2nd - "Readjusting"

Morning from Waxwing,

Last night the moon came up and what a perfect end to an incredible day.

I spent hours yesterday morning trying all different sail combinations to keep Waxwing moving in very light winds and eventually dropped all sail and went to bed for an hour at noon.

When I woke I had a coffee, readjusted my thinking, put up sail and got us sailing at 2kn and relaxed.

I’m not on a deadline or in a panic to get anywhere at a certain date.

The afternoon turned out to be the best so far since leaving Ireland.

I cooked a lovely dinner of new potatoes and cabbage and enjoyed every moment of the afternoon just drifting along.

I suppose it was me adjusting into the trip even more.

Every day is a new day for learning.

Nice winds today and sailing south with the wind on the port quarter at 5 to 6kn.

Wishing everyone a great day and weekend,

Waxwing out 😊🌎

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