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September 2nd 12 Days

Adjusting mind and body.

Got the cursing chute poked out and making 1 to 2 kn in SW direction. Heat already 32 degrees in the cabin, can’t imagine what the equator will be like.

Drinking water all the time thanks you EPS for my water maker, you just couldn’t ration water in this heat.

It’s amazing how the human mind and body can adjust, I got so annoyed and frustrated when the wind died and I got more or less becalmed, then I woke up this morning and thought everything so far in this whole adventure has gone well. The universe sending me people,new friends, sponsors and things falling into place this spell must be a gift also.

Yesterday I got lots of essential maintenance jobs done that I would not have got done if we were on the move and full on sailing.

Today I will replace my second and third reef lines with new Dyneema ( the only two ropes I hadn’t replaced on Waxwing ).

My body wakes now before my alarm clock goes off or if Waxwing starts to roll or move differently, I know she has changed course or the wind has shifted. I love it.

Laying in bed now as it’s the coolest place I can find, with everry hatch and port open.

Waxwing out.

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