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September 28th - "What a great day to be alive"

What a great day to be alive.

I call this trip the voyage of dreams, because it’s been my dream since I was a boy, but it’s becoming a voyage of friendship, exploration and magic.

I set sail from Madeira yesterday afternoon, it had been an incredible time there, talking with schools, meeting up with old friends. It was hard to say goodbye to my lovely Venezuelan friends Jendhy and Jorman, but we will meet again.

Today is the second day sailing south and we are flying along at great speed, (see the live tracker on my website) so lovely to be sailing again and I will arrive in Tenerife early tomorrow morning.

I know the island well, so it is less stressful if I arrive in the middle of the night. I have some lovely friends there and looking forward too seeing them, especially Corina 😊

Weather is always that little bit cooler out at sea, the wind helps I presume a no mosquitoes which is a big bonus! 😂😂

Having a coffee as I write this blog, feeling so lucky and privileged to be on this adventure.

Wishing all a great day and sending thanks for all the help and support.

Waxwing out 😊

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