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September 27th Day 37

The Waxwing saga Good morning from Waxwing, I had a lovely man Pepe here this morning from Raymarine as promised 😊 He said my rudder was definitely pushed over very fast and very hard to do the damage it did. I suppose that’s good to know in one way, good news is he is coming back on Friday to replace parts, that means electric 12v autohelm will work again. I got onto Whitlock steering systems this morning through email and txt,they can supply the parts I need and I have ordered them. They recommended that I remove the gearbox of the steering and inspect that too. So it’s very frustrating, even if I was to do away with the whole steering system and convert to tiller steering, there is a lot of work in that, getting parts manufactured, removing the steering, fibreglassing the hole etc etc, it’s all time, I am going through every solution I can think of. The marina are stuck for space and keep asking when do I leave? As I said the other day , life at sea is definitely much easier. Thank god Kathy arrives this evening for a few days, I really can’t wait to see her. Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead 😊 Waxwing out ⛵️

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