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September 25th Day 35

Good morning from Waxwing. Working full time on the steering, I am now fairly sure I hit something or something hit the rudder? My first problem west of Portugal was when it originally happened, the linkage arm for the steering came off and so did the rudder sensor unit for my Raymarine auto helm ( both connected to my rudder ) In Portugal I got the linkage back on and the rudder sensor, the linkage worked as far as Tenerife but was obviously damaged by then. The auto helm sensor never worked again. Good news is that I contacted a Raymarine agent friend of mine in Ireland and the sensor unit can be replaced, thank you Colin Coady. Raymarine dealer here in Tenerife said he will have one for me Monday, so one problem solved. Whitlock the company that made my main steering system have identified the model and hopefully will get back to me with news of replacement parts, a lovely man so nice to deal with , he also said it would not have lasted long , so I feel better about stopping. As I said time is ticking, I had to stop looking at the forecast because it’s just so good for sailing south but now at least I feel things are happening that will hopefully get me sailing again soon. I had not expected to see my wife Kathy until next year and now I will see her Monday ❤️ Kathy will fly here for a few days, I am beyond excited, it will be some hug 🤗 Kathy and I are a great team she has a great way of seeing things and explaining that everything happens for a reason. I better start cleaning Waxwing it’s like a workshop. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend 😊 Waxwing out

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