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September 24th Day 34

Patients is a virtue…… Busy morning. Finally got a berth in the marina, I had been tied up on the commercial side of the port until now , not secure and a long walk around the docks to get to shops .I figured out nothings happens fast here. Next mission is get a sim for my phone or data for the iPad, my roaming data is up, as I was researching steering systems and phoning home etc Thinks are moving slow and I am aware time is ticking to get back out sailing. I haven’t time to read all the messages but what I have read are great thanks so much. Engineer never called yesterday, which was frustrating as I waited all day. So now I’ve contacted Whitlock the company in the Uk that made my steering system and hopefully they will come up with a solution also now I’m in the marina the boat is more accessible and things will happen faster? The other upside of being in a marina is you get advice from other sailors to good people to repair boats that they have used. My latest YouTube video which is going up tonight at 6.00pm which will have alot more in depth footage off all that has been going on. Hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to subscribe and like. More updates as they happen Waxwing out


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