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September 22nd Day 32

Light at the end of the tunnel. Good morning from Waxwing. I got a lot sorted yesterday, documents, passport insurance etc for the marina, makes life easier that I’m still in the EU. Had to go and buy fenders as I didn’t expect I’d need them and did it bring any. Had to make temporary fenders out of my cockpit cushions and borrowed a few from a boat beside me. Feeling better today, good sleep and food work wonders on the body. Today’s mission is to go about assessing the damagee, I’ve been on to an expert and he told me what to look at and get back to him this evening, then if possible he can repair it! Or at least we will come up with a solution and a plan. Still so overwhelmed with all the txts, emails and people donating to the GoFundMe. The encouragement and support I’m getting from all over the world is fantastic. Huge thank you to everyone. Waxwing out

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