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September 21st day 31

Good morning from Waxwing. Well where to begin today? After leaving Portimao I had probably the best sail of my life, perfect conditions and delighted to be back out to sea. Two days ago I noticed play in my steering again, and I’m sure if it is worn it will get worse all the time. The part I fixed is still perfect but I presume there was damage ( wear ) done the three days I was sailing into the Portuguese coast. Who knows! So yesterday afternoon I decided to anchor on the NW tip of Tenerife but it was blowing force 6 and 7 and the one place I found was not safe, not a lot of places to anchor along that stretch and extremely deep too. So I made the decision to pull in and sort this out, repair, replace what ever? Safety first. I learned so much from how upset I got the last time to have to anchor off Portugal that yesterday’s decision was easy, get in safe, get everything repaired. My dream has always been to sail around the world solo, I added nonstop because it hadn’t been done by a Irish person yet. My Dream to sail around the world Will continue for sure.

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