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September 20th day 30


Good morning from Waxwing, all good onboard. Had reports of a volcanic eruption on La Palma yesterday evening, VHF busy all night, I called a big trawler they said stay east side of Tenerife. Called a tanker English captain said the same , there is a worry of more eruptions today and bigger! hope everyone on the island is ok, it’s like a scene from a bad Sinbad movie, rudder eating Orcas, lava melting rudders 😳 My team are closely monitoring the eruption for me.

Was running between Tenerife and Gran canaries, so changed course and I am now on a course to the NW tip of Tenerife. Broad reach wind force 6 gusting 7, reefed mainsail reefed Yankee and reefed staysail, this is what Waxwing loves, constant 7,8 knots ( I think tracker shows average speed )?

Should see land this afternoon and get phone signal too 😊

PS there’s been a big ship of my port bow since daylight and I’m keeping up with it 😂.

Wishing all a good day

Waxwing out.

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