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September 1st - "Light and variable winds"

Morning from waxwing,

Woke at 6am this morning as I could feel Waxwing had practically stopped, wind had dropped and was from the south.

Tried a southeast course just to keep moving. Wind picked up again slightly and we are heading southwest again, much better as I’m trying to get west for better winds.

Should have them this evening?

Thinking of my children Emily, Rachel and PJ and my grandchildren today as it’s almost back to school time, busy time for all.

Haven’t seen a ship in 3 days or even heard anything on my VHF radio, so nice to be far offshore.

Just me and the birds and dolphins.

I can tune into RTE radio 1 on my SSB radio and listen to John Creadon in the evenings, nice connecting with home.

Will keep pushing SW today and hopefully get the wind that is forecast.

Wishing everyone a fantastic day

Waxwing out 😊

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