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September 1st Day 11


First day of September today. I remember as a kid dreading it because you would be back to school soon. Different now as I have another month (or two if I don’t get wind ) at least in good weather.

Lost the wind yesterday afternoon, I was hoping it would come again in the evening but no luck. Dropped all sails bar a small bit of the Yankee and staysail hoping to steady Waxwing some but she still pitched and rolled all night.

I can time my walking around to the rolling now I have become so used of it. Today is the first day I haven’t put up any sails at all , no point just bad for the sails and rig. There is always a up side … because there are no clouds and the night sky is the best I have ever seen and I have traveled a lot by both land and sea.

I went up on deck again for hours last night. I have a star chart for celestial navigation and was teaching myself different stars and constellations. The night sky was the charts for the ancient sailors before the compass or more modern equipment. I found it so nice to check my course from Polaris just by looking at the sky.

Just downloaded my forecast….. I said before I set sail there is a lot of luck involved in sailing, looks like a good few days of little or no wind.

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