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September 19th Day 29

Islas Canarias Good morning from Waxwing, lovely moonlight night again last night. Wind gone light and NE F 2 so I’ve been tweaking sails and trying all different sail set ups all morning, if I can keep speed over 5 kn I’m happy. Looks like I will run through the canaries, might even get phone signal that would be a bonus. Very little shipping last night so got a great sleep, get up look at the screen and back to bed. So full of energy today. Picked up a Spanish station on the radio this morning, should see land this time tomorrow, I know Tenerife has a high mountain mount Tiede I think ?? Strange not being able to google things. Download my forecast this morning and looks very good for the Cape Verde , light NE winds . Wishing all a lovely Sunday 😊⛵️ Waxwing out.

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