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September 18th - "Madeira"

I normally only write a blog while I’m at sea but I have had such an amazing time since landing in Madeira I thought it would be nice to write about my experience here so far.

My sail from Ireland to Porto Santo was probably one of the best sails in my life and a perfect start to my solo circumnavigation, then Porto Santo was just incredible.

The Portuguese people are so open and welcoming everywhere I stop.

I sailed to the main island of Madeira, where I had a beautiful surprise visit from my friends

Ricardo Diniz (Portuguese solo sailor) and the lovely Corina that flew from Portugal to see me.

I also made friends with a lovely Irish couple Liz and Gerry that took me driving, swimming and gave me lovely gifts.

The last two days I was anchored in Funchal a place I had dreamed of sailing to all my life, while in Funchal I had the pleasure to visit with two schools building small sailing boats as part of their school work thanks to Bruce Ballance and Deirdre Power.

Today I sailed to Calheta and tied up in a marina for the First time since leaving Kilrush marina in Ireland.

The second school I visited is near here and they will come with their teacher to see Waxwing in a few days 😊

It will be so cool to show them an ocean going boat that is fully self-sufficient and harnesses the wind and sun to travel the world, the water maker onboard especially interested them.

Another bonus is my two beautiful friends from Venezuela Jehndy and Jorman are in this marina too, I met them in Portugal last year. Can’t wait to see them later 🥰

I have been so busy since landing in the beautiful archipelago of Madeira, it will be so nice to stay in the marina for a few days with my friends before sailing to the canaries next week (showers and running water are a big bonus too) 😂😂

Nice to look after Waxwing and do some maintenance while here also, she minds me all the time at sea and nice to spoil her while she rests in the marina (yes I do love her) 😂

So wishing everyone a fantastic Sunday and a huge thanks for all the help and support so far 😊

Waxwing out

PS, happy birthday to my two brothers Dan and John today! ❤️❤️ 🥳

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