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September 18th Day 28


There was a wind shift during the night that woke me, I went about and we are on a much better tack and a more comfortable one too.

Ran the water maker this morning, to me it’s still like magic to see my tanks fill with fresh water from seawater!

The moon last night made the waves look like silver moving mountains, I sat and watched for hours.

Looks like I will run through the canaries now but winds do change all the time , wind gods definitely in my favour this week though ⛵️

Writing up the log this morning I see 18 :9 :21 my brother’s Dan and Johns birthdays happy birthday lads I love ye.

Fully into a great routine now, it did take longer than I thought, food wise especially, I was a little lazy about cooking, not I’m planning my dinner before I get up out of bed. Also so interesting how a degree or two on my course can change my speed and comfort so much, learning all the time, no difference in temperature between day and night is a odd one too? Especially when it’s rough and I have to close the hatches.

Loving every second of this adventure.

Thanks to all who helped me along the way ❤️🙏⛵️

Happy weekend all

Waxwing out

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