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September 17th Day 27

Fair winds and following seas. To all the people that wished me this, this is how it is, we have a fair North wind and big following seas. Waxwing getting op on some of the waves and surfing down at 8 kn. Closed all hatches yesterday( first time since Biscay) dont mind the water cleaning the decks but definitely don’t want seawater to come in the hatch or companion way. On a good course to go west of the canaries but will see what the forecast says over the next few days. My second biggest question I get asked is food, yesterday was a good day, Waxwing was sailing herself mostly so I had more time for food, this I am example of my days food. Even if I’m up and or napping all night I wait until 8 am ish for coffee, then about 10 two weetabix with honey ( from my friend frank Benson ) then at lunch I made a big omelette with onions, garlic, olives cheese and the last of my salami. I ate half of it and finished the other half at 18:00, this is the best bit, my wife Kathy organised and picked all my food so I find cool items when I route through the food bags. So for desert I had meringue with mixed fruit ( can ) with spray cream on top . God bless you kathy it was so good I had two 😂😂 Then there are snacks, protein bars lots of water. On busy days it’s similar but the main meal will be a freeze dried dinnerr, pancakes are good. Homemade bread and soup, variety is the thing . YouTube video out this evening is different, I wasn’t going to put it up but thought, that’s how it was and this is the reality of what I’m doing. Have a lovely Friday Waxwing out ⛵️😊

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