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September 16th Day 26

Waxwing express

Good morning, well we are finally getting good northerly winds pushing us south at a good and constant speed, even though I got up during the night and Waxwing had decided to sail towards America, I put her back on course went back to bed and woke a hour later to find us heading to America again, so I told her we will go there sometime but not this time.

My windvane Selfsteer steers the boat to the wind, if the wind changes direction so do we.

Most frequently asked questions is my sleep. I have a AIS screen that shows all ships around me, I set a 50 nm zone, if there are no ships in that circle I know I have 2 hours sleep,then I get up check the screen, if there is a ship I stay up until all is safe and set a alarm for two hours again. Sometimes your up to change sails or adjust sails, so sleeping during the day is important too.

Beautiful sailing conditions today, I sat on deck having coffee and I thought.

I’m in the right place at the right time doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing. Not often in life you get that feeling. Thank you universe.

Waxwing out.

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