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September 15th Day 25

Good bye Europe Good day from Waxwingg, a beautiful dawn this morning, so happy to be back at sea. Fell straight back into my routine, ran the water maker once offshore and filled my water tanks. Had light winds off the coast of Portugal yesterday, tried several different courses and eventually got into a perfect groove. Waxwing took off and I let her go, full mainsail, full staysail and 3/4 of the Yankee and we had a consistent speed of 7,8 and even 9 knots. That got us across the shipping lanes before dark. Probably one of the most enjoyable days so far. Almost across the east west shipping from Gibraltar now. I spoke to some of the ships last night over the VHF just to clarify my intentions, for example ( to say , I will cross behind them ) they are always so professional and courteous . Same with the fishermen, I had a trawler change course to pass behind me also, if there are any commercial sailors or fishermen reading this, thanks for being so nice to us small fry. After this there will be much less shipping and more sleep 😊 Just downloaded my forecast, not much wind for today but from this evening on it looks great, west and then north winds …. Perfect Wishing everyone a lovely day Waxwing out.

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