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September 13th Day 23

All’s well that ends well .

Good morning from Waxwing. There is a low west of Portugal, fantastic lightning display to the west last night, but low giving very light SW winds, much better tomorrow. Waxwing and myself are all set for tomorrow. We will leave Portugal astern and push on south.

I couldn’t go ashore here but made a lovely friend here Antonio Rodrigues, he understood my rules and sat in his dinghy nearby Waxwing and we would chat about boats and life in general, he called to say goodbye this morning as himself and his wife are moving up river today to get out of the swell in the anchorage. See ye again some day Antonio 😊🇵🇹

Everything ready and put away so today I will do a good clean, cook a good meal and rest .

As for tomorrow let the adventures begin.

Waxwing is like a butterfly inside a window waiting for someone to open the window. tomorrow she will spread her wings and we will sail south.

Special wishes to my mum, family and cousins at home today, thinking of ye all ❤️

Waxwing out

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