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September 12th Day 22

Good morning from Waxwing, got up at first light this morning to climb my mast. It gets quite choppy here in the anchorage when all the big James Bond style boats start flying around ( fair play to them, it looks cool ) So I’m just down, I wanted to repair my wireless wind instrument and do a full rig inspection also. The bracket holding the wind instrument was broken! So that’s out, I can still use it in the cockpit, less accurate but handy anyway. The rig inspection was all perfect, no chafe or wear on the halyards, all rig terminals perfect and furling bearings all good. Well worth the effort. Great to know all that before going out to sea again . Nearly all my jobs ticked off the list, just waiting on a bit of wind, can’t wait to get back out there 😊⛵️ I did manage to video all this for my YouTube channel, so ye can see in more detail what system I use to climb the mast etc. Wishing everyone a lovely day today 😊⛵️ Waxwing out #sailing #waxwing #circumnavigation

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