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September 11th Day 21

Good morning from Waxwing Worked all day on the steering yesterday and it’s all operational again and feels smoother than ever ( self praise is no praise ) I know 😂 but very happy as it a very tight space to work in and it was hot. In the future I might consider cutting an access hatch from the big port cockpit locker, that would make it way easier to get at the steering system.

Today’s mission is to repack the lockers I emptied. Climb the mast and put my wireless wind indicator back up. Might as well get all this done now while I can. Wind gods still not cooperating or there for a day or two anyway.

When I get a good wind to push us south, I’d still be down to the Cape Verde as fast as if I left tomorrow with head winds. Having said that I’m very keen to get moving too. PS . Top tip …… dark coloured tea towels are fantastic 😂😂

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend where ever ye are 😊

Waxwing out 😊⛵️

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