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November 3rd

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Good morning from Waxwing

Anchored in Portimao Portugal late last night , it was easier than going into the marina and I was tired . Fantastic trip from the canaries to Portugal, would have loved to stop at Madeira but the weather was good so I kept going .

The 6 days at sea were excellent for me , I had so much time without distraction to go over and reflect on everything that has happened so far from being devastated at having to stop my solo circumnavigation plans to frustrating waiting game for parts etc , it all worked it good in the end Waxwing and myself are safe and well that’s the main thing.

So for all sorts of different reasons the sail from Tenerife to Portugal was one of the best so far , no steering worries also .

Will bring Waxwing into marina Portimao this evening or tomorrow, I’m enjoying the rest today . Thanks to all for the lovely messages , emails and good wishes 😊🙏

Big tidy up today for myself and Waxwing . Looking forward to exploring Portimao later . Fresh fruit and veg and maybe even a fish and chips on my shopping list today 😊

Best wishes to all today ✨

Waxwing out 😊⛵️

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