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October 3rd

Gratitude Good morning from Waxwing. Gratitude is a big part of my life, if I’ve learned anything from this whole experience so far is that people (ye ) are so kind and supportive 😊 Unfortunately last week I was thinking glasses half empty, really not like me but the countless positive comments, txts, emails etc were fantastic ,so thank ye all. My goal is to sail solo nonstop around the world and I suppose when I had to stop I felt I almost broke a commitment or a obligation but I readjusted my thinking, it’s a attempt to sail solo nonstop around the world and I’m giving it 100%. My Dad finished a solo circumnavigation in 1996 on his third attempt, he lost his boat in the first attempt off Africa ( rudder damage ironically). Got to Brazil on the second attempt and success on his third attempt 😊⛵️ I suppose it just took me a few days to realise there are set backs , Kathy’s visit helped me see that ❤️ So full of positive feelings and energy today. Got to take Waxwing out to sea yesterday to test the autohelm and it’s working perfect, that’s one part fixed, now just waiting for the steering parts to arrive 😊 and take it from there. Having coffee I opened a WhatsApp from Mary Coughlan ( Irish singer songwriter) with a video clip she made at her concert last night dedicated a song to me and sent me the recording, how lovely 😊 Also had a email from New Zealand from james a man that replaced the steering on Waxwing for the previous ownerr, so he told me to open up a few things and inspect them. Invaluable advice. So my gratitude is huge today 😊 Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback and support. Wishing everyone a lovely day ❤️ Waxwing out ⛵️

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