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October 25th

Good afternoon from Waxwing I have been quite as there is not a lot of news to report. The weather is not great here a lot of wind and rain the last few days and a lot of wind north of Madeira. The regatta was cancelled as a result here in Santa Cruz. so while I’m waiting for better weather I decided to have one small piece of my steering remade, I wasn’t 100% happy with it, better to do that now. Keeping busy with other jobs, sorting everything and getting ready for sailing north. Warmer clothes, wet gear, food etc I like to keep busy . I wrote an article for @rollytaskersails the company that made my sails and go through all my photos to pick some for them to use, it was nice looking back through my photos of the preparation in Ireland and sailing here. Every Friday I put up a video on YouTube so this Friday I hope to be at sea! so making a video tour of Waxwing so that I can post it before I set sail. Plenty to do but patients isn’t my strong point 😂😂so hopefully i will be sailing again very soon. Best wishes to everyone. Waxwing out 😊⛵️

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