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October 21

Good morning from Waxwing

Before I start I have to thank everyone for the fantastic reaction to my previous blog .

The support and good wishes were just incredible 🥰

I finished installing the new steering parts yesterday evening and all is working perfectly. Pepe from raymarine came and readjusted the autopilot, so all is good thank God 😊

I need to get some paperwork sorted and then wait to get some good weather , I have been glued to the forecast all week knowing I would be ready soon . My friend Gert here in Santa Cruz ( a very experienced sailor ) is watching my weather too , local information is invaluable. I have waited this long for parts etc a few days more won’t hurt .

Super excited to have everything ship shape again and so looking forward to setting sail for Europe .

I will never forget the friendship and kindness of the people here in Santa Cruz.

Big thanks again for all the help and support 😊

Waxwing out 😊⛵️

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