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October 1st day 41

Good morning from Waxwing. I’ve been quiet for a few days as Kathy was here, I wanted every second with her. Someone had txt me, every cloud has a silver lining and it’s true, I hadn’t expected to see Kathy until next year. When I set sail from kilrush in Ireland it was so busy it was difficult for Kathy and I to say our goodbyes privately, so yesterday we had to say goodbye again it was very hard but it was just us. It was a powerful time for us and as I said Kathy has a great way of seeing things, so we spoke of all the different solutions, getting the parts, repairing the steering, working out times for the capes , I should be well south of the equator by now and now we are into October! so it was a huge relief to talk it all out and discuss different options. So today Pepe from Raymarine is here and working on my autohelm ( such a lovely man ) i decided to upgrade the system as he was here he agreed it was a good idea, I had to replace some of the parts anyway. I can’t use this to sail all the way around world but definitely very good to have it working perfectly. The parts for my steering from Whitlock are on the way today ( got delayed because of fuel shortages) So everything is happening as fast as it can for now. Hopefully the parts get here ASAP My brother Dan txt me this morning, one day at a time . It’s true. Lots of people asking about the volcano but it’s not affecting Tenerife and not one life lost in La Palma thank God. So that’s the update for today. New video on YouTube this evening too. Good weekend to all 😊 Waxwing out.

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