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November 4th

Good morning from Waxwing

Light winds forecast for today so I got up early to move Waxwing into marina Portimao to her allocated berth . Lovely marina and staff , very welcoming 😊.

Now I can start cleaning and organising everything onboard , starting with food , I will go through it all and put everything with a short shelf life to one side and then hopefully give it to a charity, there won’t be much as it’s mostly long life food but still I have to go through it all .

Then take all sails and running rigging off , basically put Waxwing to bed for a few months rest 😊⛵️

She deserves it , I have sailed a lot of boats over the years doing yacht deliveries and I can honestly say I have never sailed anything to equal Waxwing for safety , performance and comfort.

If I’m successful next year it will be Waxwings third circumnavigation ( she knows the way now )

Again thanks to everyone for all the offers of help and support here in Portugal 😊one man even txt to say he is driving here next week if I need anything from Ireland or if I need anything brought home when he is driving back. Such a lovely offer .

If I’ve learned anything from all this whole experience… it’s,

The world is full of kindness and great people 😊❤️

Thank ye all .

Wishing everyone a fantastic day today ✨

Waxwing out 😊⛵️

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