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May 9th

Woke at 7:30 to find Waxwing sailing south east on a course for Africa, the wind had died off and she went about. It was slow progress yesterday with very light north winds. Back on a great course now 030 and the wind back up to 17 kn NNW . Just had a forecast warning of a low of 985 over faraday tracking east giving severe wind and waves ( not good ). Fully settled into the trip now, it often takes a few days to get a proper routine, another thing I had forgotten about is, while at sea I don’t have radioo, internet or any outside news so your thinking is unpolluted. It’s just my thoughts and listening the the wind, the sails and general boat life. It’s very peaceful and a great feeling. I will keep a eye out on the weather, if it is bad I always have the option of anchoring in one of the Rias in north Spain and wait for it to pass. Back in long pants, hoodie and warmer clothes now. Temp today 19 degrees down from 26 when I left portimao. Wishing everyone a lovely day 😊 Waxwing out

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