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May 8th

Day 4.

Got up at 10:30. If I can I get two hours sleep then get up checking for shipping etc and if all is good I go back to bed for another two hours.

Last night was fairly good and I will nap during the day. I just had weetabix and my last banana.

Finally getting a better wind angle, going west paid off. On a course of 040 degrees most of the night. Possibly will go west again tonight.

Still beating into 20kn winds but making progress north all the time.

Big thanks to EI Electronics all systems working great onboard and very happy with my new batteries 🙏😊

Just downloaded my forecast from predictwind, it’s the same forecast ye see on my tracker, looks like north wind until Cabo Finisterre but I expected that.

Then it looks like easterlies, that would be nice but it’s a long way off and could change.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday, looking forward to a good roast dinner in Ireland when I'm home, not long now. 🇮🇪

Waxwing out.

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