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May 7th

I woke early to a sound I love.

Water rushing past the hull with a bubbly vibration, I have got so used of Waxwing I know it means we are going over 7 kn speed .

Then something else hit me, im at sea 😊.

I jumped out of bed and had a look out, what a beautiful way to start my day.

Yesterday I had light variable winds so decided to go about looking for better wind, I got lucky and found wind to push me NE.

I might go about again today as I don’t want to go back in to close to the Portuguese or Spanish coast.

Let’s see what the wind does!

Every day I sail north the temperature drops a degree 18 degrees in the cabin this morning.

Another thing I love to do is plan my days food, so yesterday I decided I will make an omelette for lunch today, or for breakfast 😂

Wind has eased off again, hopefully as I sail further north I will pick up a W or SW winds to push me the towards home.

So looking forward to seeing my family and friends and getting prep underway for the big journey.

Wishing all a lovely day 😊

Waxwing out.

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