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May 22nd

What a wonderful welcome home yesterday. Had a beautiful roast beef dinner with friends in kilrush. Tidied up Waxwing and thanked her for carrying me safely home ❤️⛵️Went to bed and slept for 10 hours, when I woke I automatically went to look at the compass to check our course and realised.. oh ya i am tied up in kilrush marina. 😂 Today I was beautifull, I made it back in time for my granddaughter Emilia’s communion ❤️ It was so lovely to spend the day with my family. A few days off now and straight back into preparing Waxwing for my solo nonstop circumnavigation in august ⛵️🌎 Still reading through my messages and I thank everyone for coming along on the journey with me and all the good wishes and support. Instead of a photo today, I put up a clip of me sailing along at good speed the get home 😊 Best wishes to all Waxwing out for now 😊 #sailing #solosailing

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