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May 19th

Fair winds and following seas.

To all the people who wished me this, I thank you again.

6:05 am I am watching the moon drop to the horizon as the sun rises.

The wind eased off yesterday evening as forecast and the seas are not as big. Making life onboard more comfortable.

The last three days were incredible sailing 30 to 35 kn on th big seas. We took a lot of water over the deck and cockpit. My boat hook was washed off the deck even though it was lashed down.

So this morning I am able to sit in the cockpit again with the hatch open having tea.

Wind this morning 20 kn from the SW, perfect.

(Gentlemans sailing my dad used to say ) 😊

By lunchtime today we will cross over the continental shelf, where the depth goes from 4000m to 1000m.

The seas can get rough there sometimes, so it’s nice to have fair weather today.

I feel privileged to see the beauty of the sea and the skies this morning.

I haven’t seen a ship in 2 days so the feeling of solitude and open water is beautiful.

I wish everyone a wonderful day today .

Waxwing out 😊⛵️

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