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May 18th

Surfing ⛵️

Got rolled out of bed this morning before my alarm went off. We were hit by a rain squall and 35kn of wind.

By the time I got my wet weather gear on to go and reef it was easing and to my amazement we were doing over 11 kn speed, from the cockpit I could see we were surfing down the big swells, I had to video it 😊3 reefs in the main now and almost full Yankee and it’s more comfortable.

I just downloaded today’s forecast and the wind will ease off a bit later today.

Making great speed and course for Ireland, only 451 kn to go😊. I can almost smell the bacon and cabbage I’m going to have when I get back 😂

All systems onboard working perfectly and the mood is beyond good 😃

All the hard work on Waxwing was definitely worth it.

My live tracker should be showing great speeds today.

Temperature dropping every day as I sail north and back in warmer clothes.

I wish everyone a great day today.

Waxwing out 😊⛵️☘️🇮🇪

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