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May 17th

Fair winds and following seas.

To all the people that wished me this, I thank ye 😊

Yesterday was the best sail I’ve had in awhile.

The bird life and dolphins were unexpected as it was quite rough , I can only guess there was a feeding frenzy nearby, I have often seen it before, all feeding on sprat or something similar.

Waxwing is designed as long distance offshore yacht and she just loves the conditions we have , effortlessly gliding over the Atlantic swell.

Yesterday the wind was F 6 and 7 all day 30 gusts 35kn. with a reefed mainsail ,full staysail and reefed Yankee ( front sail ) we were averaging 8 kn boat speed and I even saw the speed hit 10.7 once as we surfed down a big swell.

During the night the wind dropped down to 8 kn and I had to put up full sail again, wind back up now to 20 kn and we are back up to a good speed again and heading for home.

The sun is even out today, getting some lovely photos and footage too.

Life is good 😊

There’s a live tracker on my website showing my position and weather.

Wishing everyone a great day today 🙏

Waxwing out 😊⛵️☘️

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