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May 15th

Yesterday I got up, said goodbye to paradise and had a lovely sail around the peninsula to a anchorage off the beach in Bueu in Rio de Pontevedra. ( not nudest) 😂😂 Very beautiful here too and sheltered from the southerly winds that are gusting 32kn here today. There’s a small town, so I can go ashore later and get groceries for the trip home, it will be nice to have a walk about too. I hope to set sail for Ireland Tuesday morning all going well. I was slow to share my thoughts in yesterdays blog but I’m so happy I did 😊 The reaction was great and it’s true , there’s so much good people and kindness in the world ❤️ Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday where ever you are today. Waxwing out 😊⛵️

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