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May 14th

Life has its ups and downs for all of us.

These last few days at this anchorage have been fantastic and it’s good to have new happy memories.

I am always saying I love learning and while I have been here I learned something new. I thought it would be awkward to go to the beach in the dinghy because everyone was naked but it was the opposite, there was nothing sexual about it all all, it was just people old, young and of every walk of life, without designer swimsuits or labels. Everyone having fun,sunbathing, swimming, walking and being totally free.

I had a swim and then I was chatting to a couple that were admiring Waxwing in the anchorage, they offered to loan me a bicycle to get around but I’m leaving today, how nice 😊

I had to walk a mile or so along the beach to find a cafe /bar to get WiFi to upload a YouTube video and brought my rubbish bag to see if I could find a public bin , on the way I asked another couple if there was a public bin? they didn’t know but they would bring it home and put it in there bin for me 😊

It’s very easy for us to get caught up in all the problems of the world ( and there is a lot ) war, hunger the lot but it’s vital to see the beauty in the world too and there is more goodness than bad thankfully.

This journey I’m on so far has reminded me of that 😊

I thank everyone I have met along the way for their kindness, in person, on social media etc everyone 🙏

Beautiful moon over the anchorage last night topped it off 🌖

Today I pull anchor and sail out around the peninsula to Ria de Pontevedra and will anchor there for a few days until the bad weather in the bay of Biscay goes north, then sail to Ireland 😊

Wishing everyone a great day and weekend 😊

Waxwing out 😊⛵️

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