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May 11th

Anchored yesterday off a beach on the northern side of the entrance to Ria de Vigo, beautiful anchorage called Enseada da Barra, I had a look at my chart and decided it would be nice and sheltered, what I didn’t know is it’s a nudest beach 😂😂. I have checked the weather this morning and the low pressure system I was concerned about is still heading for Biscay. I will wait for it to pass and jump on to the back of it and should get great wind for the rest of the trip back to Ireland. I had a great uninterrupted 12 hour sleep last night and feel fantastic for it 😊 Big tidy up today and some maintenance for Waxwing, I must say she sailed beautifully all the way here, all the hard work was worth it , Waxwing minds me so it’s important I mind her too 😊⛵️ Big thanks for all the lovely messages 😊. I am still reading through them all . Best wishes to all , have a wonderful day Waxwing out 😊⛵️

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