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May 10th

Good morning form Waxwing.

Back in full wet weather gear, boots, pants & jacket. No need for a wash today 😂 Waxwing getting her decks washed too. Punching into big waves and pointing into northerly winds 28 kn.

Download the North Atlantic weather forecast this morning and not happy with it. Possibly F 9. No point in going across Biscay in that if I don’t have to.

Have one reef in the mainsail, reefed Yankee and the staysail and making 5 to 6 kn towards Ria Vigo in north Spain. I will anchor there and let the low pressure system pass.

Now that I’m back near the coast there are a lot of trawlers, they can be towing long lengths of fishing gear behind them so I need to be careful.

All good on board, looking foreword to a good meal and a good sleep when I anchor 😊

Waxwing is in her element, just slicing through the swell 😊⛵️

I should see land this afternoon for the first time since I lest portimao Portugal 6 days ago.

I always love to see land and smell it.

Wishing ye all a fantastic day 😊

Waxwing out.

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