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August 31st Day 10

Moving again Wind died completely yesterday, I left up a small bit of the headsail to try steady Waxwing, she rolled and pitched all night. I was up a lot anyway because of shipping out of Gibraltar or Lisbon I guess! A lot of people asking about my sleep patterns, basically I grab sleep when I can day or night. I have a very good AIS system that shows me

all ships up to 50 nm away, most of them are doing 10 to 15 knots in one hour so that gives me time to sleepp. Last night I had to set my alarm Clock every hour though, I also have a AIS alarm should I not wake up. There are alot of ships at the moment but in less busy areas I get longer spells of sleep and I love naps during the day to recharge. We have wind from the south east this morning so all sails flying to make the most of it as my forecast says very light north winds for the rest of the week. So good to be sailing again and in the right direction. The main reason I wanted to do this circumnavigation is because I love sailing, the wet days with grey sky’s, ( looks exactly like a Kerry day today ) or the sunny days with fair winds. I love it all. When I’m up on deck looking at the horizon… I still can’t believe I’m sailing around the world, it’s fantastic I’m loving every second of it. Waxwing out. #solosailing #sailingwaxwing #circumnavigation

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