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August 30th - "Natures gift"

Good morning from Waxwing

Every day I get a gift.

I had a wind shift during the night and had to go on deck to change course and adjust the sails but had to stop first and look at the sky.

The clarity and beauty of all the stars were breathtaking, I could pick out stars, planets and constellations, so satisfying to see Polaris (north star) and now we are on course south.

After I adjusted the sails, I made a cup of tea and sat on deck for ages just star gazing.

As forecast, there are light wind this morning. Going to run my water maker today that turns seawater into drinking water, it’s so nice being self-sufficient, the wind pushes me around the world, the wind even steers Waxwing, the wind generator and solar charge and run everything onboard, so cool to use the elements only to sail the world 😊🌎

Going to cook a nice dinner today and a tidy up as it’s so calm.

Still watching the low weather system coming our way and hope to be south of it.

So lovely to be back at sea and back into my routine and see all this beauty around me, might get a visit from dolphins again today.

Sending big hugs and best wishes to all today,

Waxwing out 😊

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