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August 30th Day 9

Feast or a famine Yesterday evening there was a dark sky with thunderhead clouds, I’ve seen that before and got things ready. After dark I could see the storm pass astern of me with a scary but beautiful lightning display. I had to go on deck several times during the night but when the sky cleared it was like looking at heaven. I could pick out all the stars planets and constellations. This morning there is not a puff of wind, I tried every sail combination to keep us moving but no good. only hurts the sails and rig. after coffee I might try the cruising chute and see if that will improve speed and stability to Waxwing. I had expected head winds in Biscay and got very favourable easterlies, then I expected the Portuguese trades here to push me south and get very light variables. It’s a good day to open all hatches and freshen up everything (myself included). Waxwing out ⛵️

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