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August 29th - "Waxwing in her groove"

Waxwing is flying along in her groove.

No real swell as we have the easterly winds.

Life on board is just fantastic, had the company of about 10 dolphins most of yesterday and sat and watched them for ages, (they were watching me too) what beautiful creatures they are.

I felt privileged they stayed with me so long, took lovely footage of them swimming along the bow wave.

Boat speed is a steady 7kn on a course of 200 degrees magnetic. Direct for Madeira if the wind allows.

I’m off the continental shelf now and into deep water, less fishing boats and shipping.

It was amazing how fast I got back into my routine at sea, at the same time I keep going up on deck to look at the endless horizon and remind myself that yes I am at sea again and off to sail around the world, incredible feeling.

22 degrees in the cabin today and normally will rise a degree every day as I sail south.

All the hard work has paid off, all systems working perfectly on Waxwing.

Wishing everyone a fantastic day today.

Waxwing out 😊🌎

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