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August 29th Day 8

Today I am happy that I took the chance to sail west for wind it paid off. At 4 am the wind shifted to SW and I set a course south again. For the first time in over a week I’m on a different tack. Seems odd as I got so used to leaning and sleeping on the starboard side. The sea state is much better today a very confused and lumpy sea all day yesterday.

I notice the temperature goes up 1 degree every two days, 28 degrees already here this morning. If I can keep this course it will bring me past Madeira and the canaries.

Funny thing is the wind is now Sw and I just smell ocean, when it was easterly I could smell a sweet smell of land. I often wondered did old sailors use this as a navigation tool!

Time for coffee

Waxwing out 😊⛵️

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