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August 28th day 7

Today I am one week at sea and it has been great. I was hoping to have the Portuguese trade winds now but it looks like the Azores high is over Ireland. Head winds the last few days but can’t complain, weather is good. The transformation in everything over the week is amazing. Firstly I had a massive work load on for a year before I set sail I had to adjust from that to sailing, even though I was still checking all my work and equipment over all the time ( all systems are perfect). Having contact with family is great and I speak to Kathy daily. Kathy reminded me this morning to share what I see and do so I will try describe the week. The beauty of the night sky is just wow, how the water gets a nicer shade of blue as I sail south. The different smells depending on what way the wind is coming. Last day of fresh milk and bread today powder milk and baking from now on. Waxwing is loving the sail south as much as I am and my Sun Glasses from @donalmacnallyopticians are protecting my eyes from any sun damage which is vital. For anyone not on social media there is now a blog on my website with these updates to. Please be sure to share with anyone wanting to follow the journey off social media. #solosailing #sailing #waxwing #circumnavigation #ireland

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