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August 28th - "Open water"

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Well, what a start to my journey.😂

It was a beautiful day yesterday with all my family, friends and supporters.

I left Kilrush knowing I was surrounded by a bubble of love that will protect myself and Waxwing as we sail around the world.

People came from all over to see me off and I was honored, it was difficult to say goodbye to my loved ones but I expected that and as soon as I hit open water I felt alive again.

Waxwing just took off as if to say to me… at last.😊⛵

Weather was so fine I cut through the Blasket Islands at sunset and how fitting that the last piece of Ireland I would see was the Dingle peninsula and even saw the graveyard where our lovely Dad is buried❤️

8,9kn of wind today from the east, and we are on course doing a speed of 4 to 5kn no swell and everything is beautiful.

I don’t ask the universe for much but I had asked for a good forecast for Biscay and I got it… Thank you universe🌠

A huge thanks to everyone that helped me get here.🙏

Wishing everyone a beautiful day,

Waxwing out.😊⛵🌎

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